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do you remember me? [28 Jul 2009|03:36pm]
im still around! i actually did my makeup today for once. and i took some photos! but not just any photos, for miss high times.

so here we go, VOTE FOR ME! give me tens! i really wanna go to jamaica and i need tons of votes for that.
so tell your friends! repost the link and my request for votes because you love me.

im on my knees

no one is harder on me than myself [06 Jun 2008|11:52pm]
im going to be crunk as fuck.

21 bitches.

my day is already chock full of plans.

im so freaking stoked.

i think im going to go to baking/pastry school in the next year.

its actually really exciting thinking about it and reading about the courses.

my life needs to get back on track or something.

im bored and aggravated with everything.
or so it seems

ill be in virginia in 2 weeks for court and hopefully i wont go to jail!
dont speed in virginia ladies and gentlemen.
im on my knees

mango! [22 Jun 2007|11:05pm]
sooo a coworker of mine had some kittens that needed homes so i took one. his name is mango and hes absolutely adorable!

cute white paws!Collapse )
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the stats [18 Jun 2007|03:28pm]
i was crying absolutely HISTERICALLY during the last episode of the price is right the other day.
i couldnt stop sniffling and it was just really sad.
ive wanted to go on that show since 4th grade.
mema and i used to watch it all the time.
i just know that no one will be able to fill bob barkers place.
i tried really hard to get to california for one of the final tapings but it was just too much money that i just didnt have.

i got all 4 set lists from the fob show the other night.
cobra starship, the academy is, +44, falloutboy

i cannot WAIT to get them all up in plain black frames and up on the living room wall.
super stoked. i have about 30 or 40 set lists these days.

oh yeah, i got a guitar pick from the academy is and falloutboy too.

i almost cried when +44 played rock show.
jimmy and i met 6 years ago at that ampitheatre.
at a blink 182 concert.
he sang the whole song to me.

anyway, that show was fucking amazingamazingAMAZINGGGGG. fob really blew me away.

i cannot wait until the format show.
and projeckt revolution even though we still dont have tickets.
its jimmys 21st birthday. hes buying the tickets, im buying the beer.

so far. this year ive gone to 3 absolutely spectacular concerts.
underoath. my chemical romance. falloutboy.

i really love my job.
i lovelovelove all this rain that weve been getting.
i woke up this morning to thunder that wouldnt stop for about 3 hours.

my birthday was a little uneventful but i had a lovely time.
a kitchenaid mixer from my dad with some spatulas and 2 $50 giftcards, one to target, one to marshalls <3
my mom got me some random things and two $100 giftcards, one to target, one to bed bath and beyond
ally got me a cute green dress which ive already worn for a few days straight haha
and jimmy got me $150 worth of mac. i love him to death.
him and i went to fridays for dinner and thats about it!
im not a teenager anymore!

i dont even know why i keep this thing anymore.
or even bother to write.
no one ever comments.
i think im going to delete a lot of you guys.

ive had a lot of ideas lately.
i want to be like duff on ace of cakes.
i want to have a clothing line.

but 2012 the world will end anyway so who cares right?
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vote for my boyfriend's band to open for falloutboy!? [10 Jun 2007|10:07pm]

the contest ends tomorrow afternooon!
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mmm hot and young we are! [10 Jun 2007|09:07pm]
according to new times!

Best Sex Toys Shop
Hustler Hollywood

Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale

Before the advent of Larry Flynt's 17,000-square-foot porn emporium, local sex freaks had to slum it. Try as they might, local triple-X video joints never shake their sketchiness. They may claim to be couples-friendly, but there's always a supercreepy dude behind the counter or shady characters pawing through the bargain bin. Worse, those cheap vibrators they sell are notorious for conking out at the exact moment you and your lovely are most desirous of their dynamo hum. For starters, the Hustler store — which took over the old Peaches record store on Sunrise Boulevard in Victoria Park — is open, bright, and inviting. It looks a lot like a frickin' Barnes & Noble in there, but with butt plugs instead of lattes. And that makes customers comfortable, which takes the edge off purchasing something so... naughty. Inside, you're surrounded by baby T's, sexy pajamas, and rows and rows of hot little G-strings. Within the inner sanctum, you've got two walls stocked with every faux phallus the universe has ever known — and then a few more. Instead of some plastic piece of crap made in Taiwan, the Hustler store carries a wondrous array of super-high-end sex toys. Some of these jellied wonders are so colorful and eye-catching that they look like everlasting gobstoppers — several are as aerodynamic as a low-slung Lotus, and almost all are reassuringly expensive (up to $100). The room is like a Sharper Image devoted to penis envy. The sprightly employees are young and hot, and they'll happily unpackage your toy, pop some AA batteries in there, and give it a quick buzz-test to make sure the damned thing's revvin' properly. That way, when you get home with your brand-new Doc Johnson's Lucid Dreams #42 — or whatever candy-colored gizmo has caught your eye — rest assured that lotsa good moaning is in store.
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[25 May 2007|02:36pm]
ive totally found my wedding song.
and the fact that its pretty perfect is amazing
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[17 May 2007|01:28am]
man. life is so perfect right now. besides paying bills for a house of 4 every month. mortgage. electric. gas. tv. phone/dsl. I need to cancel the phone/dsl and get a new provider since we don't need the phone but bellsouth won't let us just have the dsl with no phone line. wait. can I do this at all? ill see.

anyway. I got my promotion today. I'm no longer an "assistant store manager in training"

I'm now officially an Assistant Store Manager of Hustler Hollywood. $26,000 a year here I come!

I'm eating stuffed shells on my break. mmm and garlic bread.

jimmy and I are the best we've ever been. and I'm so happy about that. we're living in a house that someday I'd like to call OURS. someday. someday we will be married also. and the fact that we can talk about that and both are yearning to be married someday makes me smile uncontrollably. I love him dearly and I can tell in his voice that he feels just as deeply in love with me as I am with him.

I got my tax return back. almost $300 which is awesome for only working like 3 months last year. thank you hustler for hiring me. man.

I'm growing up. its ridiculous. I'm so happy. but I sleep every chance I get. and my sex drive has depleated a little. but I never feel depressed? could it be an internal depression that I just don't show or ever feel? or is sleeping a lot and loss of sex drive symptoms or something else? hm.

right now though? I'm totally in love with life.
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[02 May 2007|02:59am]
I cannot believe that I'm even more madly in love than I have been for the past 3 years. its overwhelming

but god do I love the feeling
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OH GODDD [21 Apr 2007|02:39pm]

im so freaking stoked. it was amazing.
too bad jimmy had to be all like "HAY AARON! MY GF WANTS TO MEET YOU BUT SHES TOO SHY!"

and then he walks over. and im all nervous and ridiculous. he was really nice though. he shook my hand and took a picture with me.

i just HAD to look like shit in the picture with him didnt i?!!?

a few more of my mugCollapse )
im on my knees

[28 Feb 2007|10:54pm]
so I was just on gym class heroes tourbus with them :)

and were on the guestlist.
and ally passed her drivers test.
annnnnnnd. I dunno. excited!!

I close by myself at work tomorrow and friday night!
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[18 Feb 2007|12:58am]
why hasn't anyone posted about britney spears shaving her head bald yet?!

besides that, I remembered why I don't post anymore. none of my "friends" ever comment.
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I am exhausted. [11 Feb 2007|10:12pm]
lots has been going on lately. I just never have time to write in here. shit I haven't written in months.
I'm always either a. sleeping. b. eating. or c. working!
buttttt work is going amazing. the other day I had an interview with the managers and tomorrow I start as a assistant manager in training!! I'm so stoked. after 90 days ill get a review and if I exceed expectations ill be an actual assistant manager. its totally awesome.
although. tonight I have to close. and open in the morning. so basically I won't get to sleep til at least 3am and I have to be at work at 10am. wah.

and another awesome thing that's coming up. jimmy and I are moving into my old house the middle of march. my mom is going to hawaii for the birth of my nephew for a month or so and then after that she's moving to her house in north carolina.

finally. the house is ours. I have so many things I want to do to it. so many plans and ideas. I'm ecstatic. sosososo excited about jimmy and I moving into our own place without parents. greg will most likely live with us and then there's one more room to spare. so we'll see if anyone else moves in or if its just us 3.

so we go to garage and rummage sales on as many saturdays as we can with jimmys mom to find stuff for the house. I've gotten lots of diningwear and stuff. but there's so much to be done!

life is pretty amazing these days. we've been together for 5 months. vday is soon. moving is soon. I've gotten a promotion. people I didn't like were fired. I got my benefits from work too!

the only bad things? I have a hard time sleeping at night most days. I get hot flashes all day long. randomly. I've developed a rash on my upper body called pityriasis rosea. it barely itches but its annoying and will last up to 6 weeks or so. boo. I need to go get my hormones checked out.
and according to jimmy, I need an adult dr. I can't be going to my pediatrician anymore. haha :(
ill be 20 in almost 4 months!
I'm growing up. its scary.
im on my knees

soooo [29 Jan 2007|12:33am]
basically i just met chris carrabba.

he reached out to shake my hand.

he was really little and nice.

we were in an irish pub.

the end.

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cant find the right gifts?! [07 Dec 2006|11:45pm]

theres a giftcard contest going on for employees. i need to win.
1. we have to make our sales goal for the month
2. we have to sell at least 25 giftcards to qualify
3. OR we have to sell $1250 in giftcards to qualify

1st place: $600
2nd place: $300
3rd place: $150

so far, im winning. i have 14 giftcards sold. but i still need 11 more to even QUALIFY. ive sold 40 so far :)

please. if anyone needs a gift for someone, come purchase a giftcard from me so i can get credit!!

this contest ends on new years eve. please text me or IM me or leave a comment here or tmail me if youre going to come in and to see when im working.
tmail: amanda_rae@tmail.com
aim: keepyourjealousy

tomorrow i work from 1030a-730p
saturday im off
sunday i work 530p-230a

please help me out guys!!

ps. i almost got employee of the month again for november but someone pitched a fit cause i got it for october. haha. maybe december!
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mmm haterade [29 Nov 2006|02:44am]
i fucking love my life.
im in love with a boy.
hes in love with me.
no one else.
plain and simple.

but i do have haters :)


and i know you're lurking me.
i'm not telling you to stop.
i just know.
and i hate you.
i always will.
and if you give me a reason to i'm going to do everything i can to break you down.
fear me or don't, you ruined something that was dear to me and if you ask for it i will deal you what you deserve.

ASSUMING that im the one lurking. you fucking cunt, i didnt ruin shit. i warned you and you didnt listen. oh well. your loss. my gain. because of you, i am happy again. with my boyfriend jimmy.

im pretty fucking amazing and i love it.
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[24 Nov 2006|03:16pm]
well im on my new laptop!!


i got the toshiba cause they only had 10 of the hp and they were gone. butttt i got a carrying case and an optical mouse too. so now i just have to put all my stuffff on it.

last night was long and redonk. i got what i wanted though ahah.
we come home, set up the wireless on my laptop and crashed by 7am. just woke up now :)
doing laundry, eating leftovers.

i have to close tonight at work.
feel free to come say hi! 530-230.
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haaay [23 Nov 2006|01:37pm]
happy thanksgiving!
also, i work 330-730 this evening.
also, i BETTER get a laptop in the morning.
also, its cold outside and i love it!
also, i have tons of scarves and i finally get to wear them!
also, i am in love.
also, i had a hot white mocha from starbucks last night cause jimmy said id like it with 5 pumps. and its fucking sex. i love it. a lot. mmmmm so good.
also, i want to model so badly.
also, i have this pair of undies that i got in the clearance section at work. they make my bottom half look perfect. perfect.

and also, im way better than some people. and knowing that i am, is priceless.

so are 2 _+_ im on my knees

ATTN 18+ [16 Nov 2006|08:34am]
memphis monroe

mya luanna

these two hustler contract girls will be at hustler tonight signing autographs and taking pictures to promote their new movies "aphrodisiac" and "the darkside of mya luanna"

thursday nov 16
8pm til 10pm

10 bucks for a regular picture, 20 for topless. haha

come on in and visit me at work and meet them :)
i saw them last night, they seemed pretty nice
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xmas list! [07 Nov 2006|03:59pm]
this is kinda just for my memory. but feel free!

i lovvvve the holidays. mainly for the food though.Collapse )
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